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Are you currently struggling with bad photos? Does your family complain about your lack of ability to take great photos at that get-together the other days? Do your friends request your help to capture their wedding moments? Are you eager to learn a few things about taking a portrait?

Do you wish to be able to master the art of studio photography? These questions will linger until you find some way to solve them. So, how to solve them? Well, you have arrived at here, the one place that may help you out and crack all of those problems you have at the moment relating to photography.

Photography is a form of art. As it is, it takes a great deal of talent to be able to master it. But talent is only a small percentage of what it takes to come up with impeccable photographs or judi online. Weldon Photography helps you sort things out with tips and tricks that are sure to make you able to achieve the things that become your vision.

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1. We will provides tips and tricks of photography of any kinds. By learning not just one kind of photography, you will prove yourself that you are a versatile photographer capable of tackling every type of tasks offered to you.

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2. Our blog allows you to know about what it takes to become a professional photographer. All of the bits of information presented by Weldon Photography are comprehensive and detailed. They are provided both in the most general scope and specific way. By covering the basic and advancing to the upper level, you can improve your skill and sharpen your eyes to notice what’s good and what’s to be left out.

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Basic Tips for Studio Photography
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Basic Tips for Studio Photography

In a lot of respects, studio photography is exactly the opposite of outdoor photography. The surroundings and the environment is exactly the reason why the two kinds of photography differ from each other. With outdoor photography, the person becomes the sole object of focus with everything around them becoming some sort of props that support the photo session. Studio photography, on the other hand, presents challenges for the photographer as there is only so much they can do to make the person work as an object with limited to no other options to add to the scene in the process. Lighting becomes another quirk to deal with. A photographer needs to come up with their own way to create light source as opposed to what a photographer in outdoor scenes can, which is simply to modify the light from the sun. So, if you are thriving to become a studio photographer with an outstanding portfolio, there are things to work on.

Work with the limited space you are given. A studio is space-challenged; you can only move forward and back to your model—there is no left or right. The model is not too free to move either. So, instead of taking steps to the left, you would be better off asking your model to turn around for a different shot. When directing a model, give clear direction. Do not ask the model to turn left or right because that would lead to a debate whether you mean the model’s or your right or left. Rather, use “clockwise” or “counterclockwise” as the two terms apply in the same way to you and your model. But this only works if you mean for the model to turn around; what about when you mean for the model to move slightly to the left or right? There is no easy way to do this but to keep in mind what you mean: yours or the model’s right or left.

Studio photography also calls for the right height and angle. Your height as a photographer for situs alternatif sbobet will play into the way the photo is shot. But that is not the only factor: Consider the length between you and the model and the model’s height. As a rule of thumb, a perfect studio photograph should always be shot at eye level—of the model. This means that you will have to compensate for the shortcomings on your part. If you are too short to reach the model’s eye level, use a step or a stool. Conversely, if you are too tall, you may want to get on your knees or bend a little.

Little Tricks You Can Try to Get the Best Portraits
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Little Tricks You Can Try to Get the Best Portraits

When shooting a portrait photo, you will be faced with several challenges that you need to overcome to be able to get a perfect result. There is the matter of shutter speed, which becomes something sensitive especially when you are holding the camera by hand unaided. To eliminate risks of camera shake, you need to settle with a shutter speed that is not higher than the lens’ focal length. A good rule of thumb for this subject would be to stay away from a shutter speed that is lower than 1/60 if you are using a 50mm lens. Of course this is just an example.

And let’s not forget about the matter of determining the proper ISO and aperture for the portraits. Try going for f/5.6 if you are not trying to get it with the slimmest depth of field and you will be shooting something longer than 85mm. You can also make use of strobe lighting for commercial portraits like in Nontonfilm88 website. You can use the fill to its full speed range (ISO). Keep in mind to set the ISO as low as possible in order that the resulting photo appears to be of great quality and has its noise reduced.

You can try to create a lighting setup for a portrait that is of full length. Get large light modifiers or choose softboxes. For lighting coverage that is even and good, set them back from a subject. You can opt for a softbox of 4 x 6 dimension meant for even distribution in the front coupled with another light source coming from behind the subject to better define edges as well as to give the photo some highlights too. You can make use of umbrellas as well. Choose one that has silver linings as it may reflect light that is more contrasting as opposed to a white one. White umbrellas, however, is enough but in order to get more contrast, you should move it a little further away from the subject.

Practice and Communication: Two Important Things to Give Your Clients the Best Results
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Practice and Communication: Two Important Things to Give Your Clients the Best Results

Practice makes perfect and this also applies to portrait photography. In fact, you should never stop practicing even after you think you have mastered all the bases. It is an ongoing lesson that perhaps takes forever to perfect as there will always be something new to learn about taking the perfect portrait. So, what are the best ways you can take to practice shooting portrait photos? You can use the self-timer mode your camera comes with and act as your own http://speedbet88.co model. You can experiment more freely this way and you will most definitely find out a thing or two about the best way to determine a pose.

Set a light stand on a spot, lock in focus on the camera manually toward the light stand. Hit the self-timer and head to the light stand. Set the stand aside and test some poses. Test some shots first. Once you finally get the kind of shot that matches your heart’s desire, you can take shots using the focus your camera is set on. You can also use infrared remote or a cable long enough to connect you with the camera to take shots. It is more convenient this way and there will be more chances for you to take multiple shots before going back to the camera to check on the results. Using a mannequin is also a great idea.

As a photographer, you will be dealing with clients of different taste in fashion. So, it will be a big problem when your client shows up with a getup that conflicts with what you have as the background and the client refuses to change. You need to follow through by changing the background to accommodate this. It is therefore advised that you communicate with your clients properly and thoroughly so as to avoid any kind of miscommunication and inconvenience once the session takes place.

Simple Family Photography Tips
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Simple Family Photography Tips

If you ever get a job of getting photographs of a family, you are required to learn some things that may definitely help you get the best results. You need to be able to keep an open mind to prevent yourself from running out of ideas and find out how to make everything look natural. You can start with shooting the whole family members at first. Not only will this be a great ice breaker, this will help you to get a better view for the compositions of the next shoots. You can then try several different variations: Dad with the kids, mom with the kids, just the kids, all the boys, all the girls, or mom and dad.

Make use of everyone on the set, especially when you are photographing kids. Ask the parents to stand next to you to get their attention and focus. Conversely, you can ask the kids to make funny faces at their parents to elicit natural expression on the parents’ part. But it is also important that you give the kids some break they need. You can still do your job of photographing them while they’re taking a break, too.

Get all the family members involved in some kind of game. This will do two tricks. First, it helps imbuing the session with fun. Second, the activity will become a goldmine of expressions for you to capture with your camera. On your part, you need to act as a journalist. Tell all the family of http://citipoker88.com members not to pay attention to your presence around them. This way, you can record everything as they naturally enfolds. Lastly, educate your clients that meltdowns are natural. Photo sessions could be too strenuous for the little ones and this is okay. Tell the parents that it is okay for the little ones to have a meltdown and you can capture these moments later on.

Techniques You Should Master to Take the Best Photos
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Techniques You Should Master to Take the Best Photos

Everyone wants to take great photos but not many know how to do it all correctly. Without proper knowledge about taking photos with a camera, there is no way you would be able to satisfy both yourself and the model. Let’s start with lighting. If the photo session takes place indoor, try to rely as much a possible on natural light. Arrange a spot near a large window and have your model facing the light to prevent shadow being cast on their face.

Switch indoor lights off as well. It is a common fact that midday sun is an enemy of a perfect shot. Your model will squint and there will be shadows etched deeply into their eyes as well as the lower part of their face. A cloudy day or some time before sunset is perfect. If you have to do it during the midday, make sure that the session takes place under a shade. In the event that you are unable to find a shaded location, you can use a light diffuser to reduce the harshness of the overabundance of light. Choose oval diffusers as they are portable and easy to set up. Attach the diffuser to a light stand if there is no one around to hold it up for you. Alternatively, people on http://multipoker88.com can also use a white sheet or a diaphanous material in place of the regular diffuser.

Do not go for wide-angle lenses. Wide-angle lenses are potential in making your model look overweight, especially when they are around the frame’s edges. Avoid lenses that are wider than 50mm. Wide-angle lenses, however, help when you are shooting a couple of meters back as they reduce distortion and there will be more surrounding elements included.
Get a reflector if you wish to reduce the intensity of shadows on the model’s face. You can use aluminum foil or a whiteboard if you do not have the time to get one. A telephoto lens will come in handy to create a sharp photo with depth. The depth is created by the lens as it blurs the background while helping the foreground (i.e. the model) pop out. This is a great way to imbue some characters into the image but perhaps is not advised if the surroundings are to be included as part of the shot. Lastly, avoid flash at all cost if you have to use it, bounce it off the focus or get an off-camera one.

Tips for Wedding Photography that Every Couple Should Know
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Tips for Wedding Photography that Every Couple Should Know

Since the wedding is an important part that will happen only once, it is important to arrange everything perfectly including the wedding photography. We want to capture those beautiful moments during the wedding reception and the wedding ceremony. It needs someone with experience and skill to capture those beautiful moments in those beautiful photos. It will need further details and information to help every couple to prepare their wedding especially their wedding photography for http://citibetqq.com

The following tips below will show every couple those tips to make their wedding photography look amazing with the best moment captured with the best touch on every photo to make every moment unforgettable. These following things below will show even the simplest thing during the photo shoot. It will help the couple to prepare their wedding and avoid those mistakes that might ruin everything. For instance, some couple might miss the good management which is also needed to make sure everything has been prepared very well including the whole family that will join the photo shoot. Besides, there are more details that you should also know about the photo wedding. It will help you to make everything control.

What Are Those Tips?
When you plan to hire a photographer for your wedding, it is important to make sure that you can the expert in this field. This is why you should consider those questions that you ask the photographer to get further information about the experience, skill and what you will get for the photo wedding. For instance, it is important to ask the question about the style in which the photographer specializes. You need to make sure that the photographers will shoot portraits. Moreover, when you know what style they specialize in, you can get the best photo by using the style they will shoot the best. It is also important to conduct a visit to those places where you will shoot the photo wedding. It is important to make sure the spot is ready for the shoot in the next day.

More about the tips for the wedding photography, it is important to know those things that you should prepare for the shoot. You might not do it yourself to make sure every single thing, but you can just make sure that the photographer has done a proper preparation for the photo shoot. It is also important to capture those small details during the wedding ceremony or the wedding reception. You can ask the photographer to capture the photo before the wedding with the best frame to keep.

It is possible to capture shoes, flowers, table settings, and rings. Those are some of those details that you should know about wedding photography to get the best moment captured during the photo shoot. You will also find that there are also simple things to provide the better result of photo wedding. Knowing these simple details about http://bengkelbola.org wedding photograph will be very helpful both for you and the photographers so that you can get the best shot of your photo.

Tips on Wedding Photography Preparations
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Tips on Wedding Photography Preparations

Wedding day is considered as one of the most important moments of life for many people including http://www.speedbet88.net Thus, capturing this moment from a camera is a must to preserve all the memories. This is why wedding photographers exist. Wedding photography can be quite challenging for some photographer because wedding is only a one-time event.

A single mistake may ruin all the beautiful moments and those moments cannot be repeated again. In short, no room for errors. Before accepting a wedding photography job, a photographer should be careful while signing the contract. Make sure to create agreements with your clients about the contract. Another challenge for wedding photography is time. Some wedding may last for hours, while others may be pretty short. In the limited time, the photographers should be able to capture all precious moments.

There are several tips that you can do if you get a wedding photography offer. First, you need to understand what you can and cannot do during wedding. Consulting with experienced photographers is the best way to avoid any mistake during the wedding. You can also assist another professional photographer on wedding photography before taking the offer on your own. By doing this, you can learn a lot of things from this professional photographer and apply the techniques you have learned on your actual wedding photography job. Next steps is to prepare your camera. This is a crucial part that many photographer often take it for granted.

Checking all gadgets you plan to bring several days before the wedding day. It is recommended to borrow extra lights, lens, and even cameras in case of unforeseen circumstances happen. Extra accessories, such as memory cards and batteries should also be prepares. If you can, bring your laptop and backup everything you have taken in real time to avoid having data loss if bad circumstances happen.

Free Tips: Several Studio Photography Tips Everyone Needs to Know

Other things you need to consider is bring fellow photographers with you. Wedding photography is very tiring and it needs a lot of things. Having friends to help you taking the photos is an essential part in wedding photography. Do not forget to discuss with the couple about which moments they want to capture, such as first kiss, wedding vows, first dance, and many more. Plan and discuss it with the couple way beforehand, and take notes on you have discussed. Not making any note is a simple mistake that is often done by many photographers, which may lead to unsatisfied clients.

Several Studio Photography Tips Everyone Needs to Know
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Several Studio Photography Tips Everyone Needs to Know

There is a chance that after several failed attempts at taking pictures in the studio you will need some studio photography tips. It is understandable why you think a studio shoot is something that is hard to achieve, unlike location shoots. With location shoots, the environment becomes your friend. Sure, the sun might inadvertently change from a provider of abundant natural light into something that ruins your photography but that is easily tackled by providing/moving into a place with shade.

But all in all, the surroundings around your subject would play into forming set pieces that help the photo look amazing in the process. This is in contrast to studio shoots: there is no natural light reliable enough to depend on, props are severely limited (if not none at all), and a tight space that forces a photographer to get creative by working with what multibet88.co has at the moment.

Dependable studio photography tips should be able to circumvent these limitations. Sure, you would be hard-pressed to think of solutions but that does not mean that you will have to rely on creativity alone to solve the problems. Tweaking your hardware or adjusting your settings would do the job so long as you apply the tricks for the right time and the correct purpose. With the right application for the right case, studio shoots should not be all that challenging any more than location shoots.

Wedding Studio Photography

Below is a list of studio photography tips that you can learn and try to apply when the situation requires so.

1. Treat your studio as a bowling alley
The limited space presented by a photo studio creates you an environment not unlike a bowling alley, where your movement is limited to only forward and backward. There is no room for leftward or rightward movements. So, instead of moving to the side of your subject, you will have to ask the subject to turn.

2. Pay attention to directions
Use “clockwise” and “counterclockwise” when you direct your subject.

3. Whose direction?
Still, even with limited space, there would be a time when you need your subject to move to a point, however slightly. And “clockwise” and “counterclockwise” just won’t make it. So, train yourself to refer to the subject’s direction for convenient directing.

4. Use prime
Zooms are convenient but primes are sharper.

5. Right height
Studio shoots are perfect when taken from your subject’s eye level. You’ll then need to bend or use a stepping to make your camera even with your subject’s eyes.

6. 1/125 rule
Your camera should be set to manual mode. Choose 100 or 200 as the ISO and select 1/125 for the shutter speed.

7. Light meter
Try and you’ll see the difference.

8. Eyes
Put your focus on the eyes of your subject.

Tips: Some Portrait Outdoor Photography Tips to Learn

9. Custom white balance
Everything on the photo set will influence and modify light, such as snoots, softboxes, and umbrellas. Tweaking your white balance manually makes for greater accuracy of color representation.

10. One light
Stick to just a single light source and change your perspective relative to the subject.

Some Portrait Outdoor Photography Tips to Learn
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Some Portrait Outdoor Photography Tips to Learn

Taking pictures indoor is already a challenge for some. The closed environment serves some obstacles to overcome so you can get the best results in the end. However, do not ever think that the opposite works in this case. Shooting a camera outdoor is as much challenging as it is with indoor photography.

You may think that you can practice by snapping a picture of a landscape or that beautiful shoreline. But in reality, nature is only one of the most interesting objects to photograph. There would come a day when your friend comes to you asking to be photographed outdoor. And learning some portrait outdoor photography tips would really save the day as both you and your friend can get the chance to enjoy a perfect result.

Portrait Outdoor Photography

The best portrait outdoor photography tips might even lead you to getting the perfect frame with the strongest and most powerful message. And yes, this is not some activities that can be taken lightly. When you are out on a trip, you will be forgiven to take the typical standard tourist photos. But if your aim is to sharpen your photography skills and improve your basic knowledge, there is no space for laid back abandon. You need to take it seriously and master the basics first.

So, what are portrait outdoor photography tips to learn? You can observe a list below. Some of the steps seem easy to follow on paper but they really require attention and carefulness to master. Let’s review them one by one.

1. The Eyes
The eyes are the windows into the soul and a photograph that features a striking gaze speaks louder. Choose a wide aperture to focus more on the eyes. This feature will smooth out other features on the face while putting the focal point on the eyes.

2. Natural light
Full sun serves obstacles: rough shadows, squinting objects, washed-out images. But it also offers abundant light source. Consider moving your subject under the shade. Partial sun provides shades to prevent the negative sides of full sun yet the resulting images would feel flat. Use a reflector to redirect light to the face. No sun is perhaps the most challenging condition as you struggle with low light intensity. Use a fill flash in combination with silver reflector to improve lighting.

3. Lens
Choose long focal lengths. This will up your subject’s sharpness.

4. Reflector
Consider including this item along with the essentials. Choose white for intense lighting condition and silver for low light intensity.


5. A flash
It might sound counter intuitive to use a flash under the bright sun. But your agen bola terpercaya flash would fill in dark shadows often occurred in high brightness.

6. Settings
Attention to settings is essential with outdoor portraits. Adjust your camera settings to get the best result.

7. Location
Choose a spot with abundant natural light and visual quirks.

Baby Eye Portrait


8. Composition
Consider incorporating elements found around your spot to add layers and textures to your pictures.

9. Background
Pay attention any unwanted things appear behind your subject.

10. Pose
Help your subject get the best pose for his/her portrait.

Another tips: Some Wedding Photography Tips to Get You Ready

Some Wedding Photography Tips to Get You Ready
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Some Wedding Photography Tips to Get You Ready

Whether you are a professional photographer or just a regular someone who is lucky enough to be asked to take photos during the day, you need to know what it takes to deliver the most satisfying results for the couple celebrating their most memorable day, using wedding photography tips.

If you are a professional photographer who has never taken pictures of such event, you might only need a few tweaks before getting in the zone. But if the couple somehow forgot to include hiring a professional and delegated the task to you, who have never even been able to take great pictures of anything, things could be a little bit troublesome. You don’t want to disappoint those who entrust their need to you, do you? Now, read on.

Wedding Photography Tips

The simplest of all wedding photography tips that Weldon Photography provide is to be familiar with the tool: the camera. Tear it down inside out—figuratively. Know the settings. Learn the modes. Find the quirks of the lenses. You need to prepare everything even down to the most trivial elements such as the cloth for wiping the lenses.

Second, scout the wedding location. Come by the venue at least one day before the event to get some insights to the scenes. You can draw mental images for what the pictures should look like in the process. Third, picture the scenes. Imagine the poses and what will become the focus of your pictures. If necessary, write them down; don’t be shy to get specific as the note will only be available to you and you only.

wedding photography tools

The fourth in a list of wedding photography tips is assistance. This is not about getting someone to help you throughout the course of the entire engagement. It’s more like a practice; offer help to the professional wedding photographers once you are told to take photos. This will prepare you with better knowledge. Lastly, do a real practice.

After the camera has been your friend and you have enough skill and knowledge from helping those pro photographers and you’ve scouted the venue and you’ve laid out a complete list of scenes to execute, put them all into a series of fake wedding photo-shoots. Grab a couple of your friends (pay them if you must) and bring them to the spots and venues to practice your shoots. This might sound silly at first but is a really helpful method of putting things into perspective.