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Some Portrait Outdoor Photography Tips to Learn

Taking pictures indoor is already a challenge for some. The closed environment serves some obstacles to overcome so you can get the best results in the end. However, do not ever think that the opposite works in this case. Shooting a camera outdoor is as much challenging as it is with indoor photography.

You may think that you can practice by snapping a picture of a landscape or that beautiful shoreline. But in reality, nature is only one of the most interesting objects to photograph. There would come a day when your friend comes to you asking to be photographed outdoor. And learning some portrait outdoor photography tips would really save the day as both you and your friend can get the chance to enjoy a perfect result.

Portrait Outdoor Photography

The best portrait outdoor photography tips might even lead you to getting the perfect frame with the strongest and most powerful message. And yes, this is not some activities that can be taken lightly. When you are out on a trip, you will be forgiven to take the typical standard tourist photos. But if your aim is to sharpen your photography skills and improve your basic knowledge, there is no space for laid back abandon. You need to take it seriously and master the basics first.

So, what are portrait outdoor photography tips to learn? You can observe a list below. Some of the steps seem easy to follow on paper but they really require attention and carefulness to master. Let’s review them one by one.

1. The Eyes
The eyes are the windows into the soul and a photograph that features a striking gaze speaks louder. Choose a wide aperture to focus more on the eyes. This feature will smooth out other features on the face while putting the focal point on the eyes.

2. Natural light
Full sun serves obstacles: rough shadows, squinting objects, washed-out images. But it also offers abundant light source. Consider moving your subject under the shade. Partial sun provides shades to prevent the negative sides of full sun yet the resulting images would feel flat. Use a reflector to redirect light to the face. No sun is perhaps the most challenging condition as you struggle with low light intensity. Use a fill flash in combination with silver reflector to improve lighting.

3. Lens
Choose long focal lengths. This will up your subject’s sharpness.

4. Reflector
Consider including this item along with the essentials. Choose white for intense lighting condition and silver for low light intensity.


5. A flash
It might sound counter intuitive to use a flash under the bright sun. But your agen bola terpercaya flash would fill in dark shadows often occurred in high brightness.

6. Settings
Attention to settings is essential with outdoor portraits. Adjust your camera settings to get the best result.

7. Location
Choose a spot with abundant natural light and visual quirks.

Baby Eye Portrait


8. Composition
Consider incorporating elements found around your spot to add layers and textures to your pictures.

9. Background
Pay attention any unwanted things appear behind your subject.

10. Pose
Help your subject get the best pose for his/her portrait.

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